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The effect of Arranged marriage

The effect of Arranged marriage



It’s of great privilege to be seen and appreciated by someone; to the period of courtship and having a deep relationship, thereby leading to marriage. I guess those that got married to the love of their lives can relate to this.

What is an arranged marriage?

An arranged marriage is one in which it is the family or the kins of the both parties that planned and agreed to the union in oblivion of the couples themselves. Arranged marriage mostly work on obligation functions. Why? It works on obligation functions simply because this is arranged by the parents most times, so it adds up pressure on the couples so much that, a lot is needed to be study and known. The both parties start to picture things that are not real in their head about who this person is and is not.

Most times, the effort put in place to get things moving in such home is huge. The wife feels she does not want to offend her husband, she might get him upset. She stay calm and quiet most times and If its a lady who is not reserved, will want to complain at slightest action thereby; making her the victim of time of crisis due to lack of information from the onset since it was arranged.

On the other hand, the husband will not be comfortable sharing information regarding his personal feelings. He find it difficult to inform the wife about the places he visited and things he does or things happing to him in the office or every day.

Such husbands are usually grumpy. They see their wives as irritable and annoying. They do not like to look at their wives. They tend to have a high preference towards their family.

Another scenario is where the husband treats the wife very nicely and perform all duties on the wife but the wife treats the husband recklessly. They refer to such man as gold-digger and less a man who does not worth their status.

When the arranged marriage crashed, the parent are the ones that get grumpy towards any man or woman chosen in love marriage afterwards. The parent who looses the opportunity to select another bride or groom will show their grudges on the new intake. The danger in this act could lead to couples falling into depression and anxiety. They can even elope.

In arranged marriage, there’s no hundred percent dedicated love to each other. Then, why engage in it? Life is too short and uncertain. Once married, there’s every probability that they lose interest in each other and decide to divert their minds to something else remember there’s both a beauty and a beast in marriage. Whether love or arrange, the home depends on the BEINES (HUSBAND & WIFE.

However, any marriage will work and be successful if the couples live in cooperation and try to understand each other instead of complaining about everything. Parent should stop interfering unnecessarily in their children’s marriage choices. They should take them up with positive approach.

The heart that know no peace can never see love and the one that sees love is the one at peace. Love is a beautiful thing… Earn one today!

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