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WE HAVE LOST A GEM…Goodnight… Superior Evangelist Pekun Sobodu

WE HAVE LOST A GEM…Goodnight… Superior Evangelist Pekun Sobodu

It is with heavy hearts, a profound sense of loss but in total submission to the will of the Almighty that we announce the passage of Superior Evangelist Pekun SoboduM.P.I.C whose death occurred in the morning of Friday, 3rd February, 2023, after a brief illness.

Superior Evangelist Pekun Sobodu, M.P.I.C. was the former Chairman of the Parochial Committee, Celestial Church of Christ, International Headquarters Cathedral, Ketu, Lagos. He was a long standing, resourceful and active member of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and also a Member of the Pastor in Council (M.P.I.C.), C.C.C. W/w.

He was married to LSSES Comfort Sobodu, a daughter of late Reverend, Pastor, Founder S.B.J. Oshoffa.

Goodnight PK

May the Lord grant him eternal peace, protect and uphold the family he left behind. Amen.

Funeral arrangements would be announced later.

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