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In a memo dated 12th December, 2022, with reference number CCC/EMF/PD001/12-222, His Eminence, Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, Pastor and Supreme Head of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide has released mechanisms for conflict resolution in matters concerning the youths of C.C.C. W/w.

Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa

The memo reads:

Calvary greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are daily being confronted with matters affecting the Youths of our church and it has become urgent that the Church must take steps to ensure that the Youths of the Church receive the necessary attention that would ensure that their grievances are properly attended to.

The unfolding scenario gives credence to the point that our Youths need to be properly guided, especially on conflict handling mechanism. As a church, the Youths are our strength, hope and continuity, hence there must be proper guidance that would assist them in ensuring that while it is their fundamental human right, as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution on freedom of speech, association, expression, etc, it must be done without running foul of the law.

To achieve this, the following procedures are to be put in place with immediate effect:

1. All Youth matters are henceforth to be reported and directed to the Pastor in Council Committee on Youth Matters: Youth Development and Empowerment Committee.

2. The Pastor in Council Committee on Youth matters must, as a matter of urgency, set up procedures for receiving, handling, attending to and resolving all matters with dispatch.

3. Any matter that cannot be resolved at their level must be promptly reported to the Pastor for final decision. Please note that the Pastor/Spiritual Head has the final decision on all Church matters, including matters concerning the Youths.

4. There must be a special report on this at every Pastor in Council meeting.

5. Training of youth leaders must be put in place as quickly as possible and must include the Police as facilitator.

6. While media usage is free and at individual discretion, no church matter is to be taken to the media without first exploring the procedures above.

7. The Church’s Chief Security Officer, Venerable Superior Evangelist Segun Folorunsho, will be working with the Committee and they are to ensure that all other arms of the Church are contacted/ carried along as may be required.

Finally, I want to appreciate all our Youths, who are our strength, hope and continuity. I want to specially appeal to them, that ensuring that the name of the Church is not dragged in the mud, is our collective responsibility. We must all work together to guard the name jealously. Conflicts/ disputes are an integral part of human existence. We must therefore strive to resolve in love as instructed by Paul Apostle in his first letter to the Corinthians 6: 1-7 and Gal 6: 1-2.

I thank you all for your support and interest to ensure that the Church takes her rightful position in the comity of churches.

Note: It is strongly emphasized that there will be consequences for violating the above and disciplinary action shall be executed appropriately.


His Eminence, Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa,

Pastor and Supreme Head, C.C.C. W/w.



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