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*A compilation of his trajectory from obscurity to limelight


By Olaifa Kunle Deboi

Born in Ikosu-Ekiti in Moba Local Government area of Ekiti State, Akinlayo attended LA Primary School, Ikosu-Ekiti, after which he proceeded to lgogo Grammar School, Igogo Ekiti. He later completed his secondary education at Otun Comprehensive High School, Otun Ekiti. He proceeded to University of Ado-Ekiti (now Ekiti State University) where he studied Public Administration and graduated with flying colours.

Professional and Business Career

After graduation from the University, Akinlayo worked briefly with BC Bello and Co, a leading property developing company based in Abuja, and was later transferred to the Akure branch of the company due to his resourcefulness and familiarity with the Akure business terrain. Having worked meritoriously with his employer over the years, within which he had garnered a wealth of experience and business networking skills in the Real Estate and Property Development sector of the economy, Akinlayo summoned courage, guts, and determined to be self-employed by establishing Kadyet Nigeria Limited, a Real Estate firm in 2007.

Kadyet Nigeria Limited grew in leaps and bounds as the organization delivered on its business promises due to forthrightness and quality service delivery which made him become a household name in real Estate
development across the country within few years.

A fearless and dynamic Investor and an excellent manager of human and material resources. Akinlayo Kolawole’s remarkable success in the Real Estate business encouraged him to throw his hat into the ring by venturing into the Oil and Gas business, by establishing jobufet Oil and Gas company in Ado-Ekiti, the capital city of Ekiti State, his home State.

Again, owing to his strong adventurist spirit, his knack for creativity and artistic innovation and having made laudable and enviable business accomplishment as the ebullient Chief Executive Officer of Jobufet Oil and Gas, Akinlayo developed interest in yet another lucrative venture of the fabrics business.

He invested a huge sum of money in his newly found love by establishing the Knight Indulge Fashions Limited with no fewer than five outlets in Ikoyi, Lagos and Benin City.

Apart from this sprawling fashion Outfit, Mr. Kolawole also set up Kadyet Fabrics which specialized in the importation of beautiful and durable clothing materials directly from China into Nigeria. He also established Kadyet Block Industry which today has really grown to be the biggest block industry in the entire Ondo State.

Aside his penchant for entrepreneurship and business adventure, one paramount reason for Akinlayo’s unmatched business adventurism is his informed conviction that investment is the bedrock of wealth creation which does not only enrich the Investor but also put food on the table of all others through employment generation especially for graduates and young school leavers.

Today, by the special grace of God Almighty, he has emerged as a well respected social Icon and a personality of compelling social and political reckoning not only in his hometown Ikosu-Ekiti but also in the whole of Ekiti State.
He is also a household name in Ondo and other neighbouring states.

Akinlayo is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Surveyors and Valuers, Member of the Board of Trustees, Ondo State Property Rent Agent Association as well as active Member, Ikosu-Ekiti Youth Progressive Union.

Come to think of it, not every youths out there who has done something for themselves and their lives got their fortune through crime or shady deals. We should not deride the place of hard work and consistency nor shove aside the struck of providence. It’s not written anywhere, that you must attain a certain age before you lay hands on fortune.

We have had series of young people in politics, young Turks in Corporate world and businesses tycoons that are doing exceedingly well below 45.

There is a culture we need to stop in this clime, so it won’t discourage young people from striving. We need to stop tagging young people who had made fortune as criminals. We should look beyond the surface before name calling and name dropping.

Rotimi Amaechi was 34 years, when he was elected into Rivers State House of Assembly. Debo Ogundoyin, the present Speaker of Oyo State is 35 years, Dimeji Bankole became Nigeria Speaker at 37, Ayo Fayose became Ekiti Governor in 2003 at 43, Hon. Yemi Adaramodu became an Executive Chairman of a local Government at 27.

To mention a few among many, we the youths are using this opportunity to send a strong plea to the older generation out there to keep encouraging youths to strive rather than putting them down with myopic thoughts. The world has transformed from analogue to digital and we must embrace the pace, this will enable this generation and the generation yet unborn to compete with the Elites and International world where a 42 year old man can govern as President.

The fuss about Akinlayo’s wealth is not only needless but a callous play by opponents to drive home weak points.

Let it be known, that Akinlayo Davidson Kolawole, 42 years, is blessed by God and what you’re all seeing as wealth are proceeds of his various investments as listed above. Anyone who is keen to know how Akinlayo made his wealth, now have a clue on how to trail his tracks. They are free to go and make independent verifications of those claims.

He who is blessed by God is blessed already, God doesn’t look at age or stature before he blesses.


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