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INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation’s 36th Review Meeting of 900Days on Pandemic Corona Awareness.

INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation’s 36th Review Meeting of 900Days on Pandemic Corona Awareness.


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An international people’s enhancement organization for peace & harmony in Babalpur of Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district of Odidha state ” The Chinmaya Foundation” has been providing awareness and services to the people for 900 days continuously to destroy the epidemic corona from all over the world. This work has been going on since 22nd March 2020 to provide food to the hungry, reassurance to the poor and helpless, and awareness to the unconscious.


A review meeting of the program is held every 25 days in order to spread the awareness, Corona kit and relief distribution work and prepare new methods. In this context, the 36th review meeting of the 900th day has been held in the premises of Dolphin Dance School and Group in Mangalpur.


In this review meeting held under the chairmanship of the founder chairman of the foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash where as the awareness program coordinator Master Mihir Kumar, children’s writer & journalist Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Mallik, social worker and year-round educationist Mr. Dhiru Bhai, social worker Srikrishna Patra are participated and reviewed various aspects of the 900-day uninterrupted program. Similarly, a review meeting of the second phase was held in the evening time at Dihuria in Kendrapada District.Mr. Ananta Kumar Malluck, Mr. Shakti & Mr. Pintu are attended that meeting as reviewer.


The epidemic corona has not been completely eradicated from the whole world. According to the data of the Government of India, on 5th September 2022, 5,910 new positive cases were reported. Although the rate in India is low compared to other countries, it is slowly starting to increase. So much awareness is needed. Chairman of the foundation.Mr. Chinmaya Dash said that this awareness, Corona kit distribution program will continue and relief materials and other services will be provided to the poor, destitute, insane, orphan children’s,,old age persons till the end of epidemic.



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