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IGP HOLDS STRATEGIC MEETING WITH SENIOR POLICE OFFICERS, CONFIRMS ARREST OF 3,685 SUSPECTS IN 8 WEEKS • N7.2bn Cheques Presented to Families of Deceased Officers in 9 Months — IGP

• N7.2bn Cheques Presented to Families of Deceased Officers in 9 Months — IGP

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, Ph.D., NPM, held a strategic meeting with strategic police managers comprising Deputy Inspectors General of Police and members of the Force Management Team, Assistant Inspectors General of Police, Commissioners of Police, and Tactical Commanders at the Force Headquarters, Abuja, National Association of Online Security News Publishers, NAOSNP can report.

During the meeting, the reported notable achievements of the Force in mitigating criminal activities nationwide within a period of eight (8) weeks since the last Conference, which included the arrest of 3,685 suspects, the rescue of 401 kidnapped victims, and the recovery of 216 firearms, 3,601 ammunition, and 82 vehicles.

The IGP, while addressing Strategic Police Managers comprising officers at the highest echelon of the Force, highlighted the recent tragic incident in Ohoro Forest, Ughelli North LGA of Delta State, where six (6) officers were ambushed and gruesomely killed during a Special Operation. He expressed deep condolences to the families of the fallen officers and noted that significant progress has been made in the investigation, with nine (9) suspects apprehended and assisting in unravelling the circumstances surrounding the incident. The IGP equally assured that no stone would be left unturned in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Similarly, the IGP announced the presentation of cheques totalling Seven Billion, Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Million, Three Hundred and Ninety-One Thousand, Fifty-One Naira, and Seventy-Three Kobo (N7,263,391,051.73K) to Two Thousand, Five Hundred and Fourteen (2,514) families of deceased police officers over the past nine months as part of efforts by the Nigeria Police Force to prioritize the welfare of its personnel and their families.

In recognition of officers’ sacrifices, the IGP emphasized that the Force has prioritized the welfare of personnel, secured the release of insurance claims, and addressed pension concerns. Similarly, the forthcoming Police Awards and Commendations Ceremony scheduled for the 15th of April 2024 at the Congress Hall, Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, by 5 p.m. will honour officers who have demonstrated bravery and dedication to duty.

Also addressing housing challenges faced by officers, the NPF Housing Summit, scheduled for April 22nd–23rd, 2024, aims to provide solutions and launch the Police Fund. Additionally, the Nigeria Police Green Initiative, aligned with climate justice goals, seeks to boost operational capacity through renewable energy and community outreach.

Furthermore, the IGP charged Strategic Police Managers with delivering on the Force’s constitutional mandate to ensure the safety and security of the nation. Emphasizing the crucial role of police leadership in upholding integrity, professionalism, and excellence, he called for concerted efforts to overcome challenges and fulfill their duties with dedication and diligence.

In conclusion, the IGP urged all stakeholders to remain steadfast in their commitment to policing the nation with integrity, professionalism, and excellence in order to overcome challenges and ensure the safety and security of Nigeria.

4th April, 2024


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