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Different strokes for different folks. I choose to see this differently. As far as I’m concerned, God replied a man that came to make jest of the power of God for fun with another spirit of fun too.

The spirit of God is for genuine seekers and not deliberate deceivers. God, at times, deliberately issues a lying spirit to respond to people that deserve some punishment. The journalist got a light punishment of feeding the people in the house of God for his antics. Pls read 2 Chronicles 18:19-21 before you comment.

I’m not here saying that bad things don’t happen in Celestial Church like every other church. Just as there are many fake journalists, hachet men journalists, I won’t because of that say journalism is evil.

Many people are saved many troubles through the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. Testimonies abound and I’m a clear and proud testimony to the presence of God’s spirit in the affairs of men through the church and some of its prophets. So I won’t characterise a whole church with one lousy action of two deceivers.

Jesus Christ himself chose only 12 disciples, yet he didn’t escape choosing one Judas, (does that make Jesus or Christianity fake?), how much more a church that has millions of members and thousands of prophets, you can extrapolate the number Judasis there may be. The journalist was not a genuine seeker in the house of God and God also met him with a non genuine response. He planted deceit and received bigger deceit. How do we even verify if he is not a gay truly!

Ẹni tí ó bá ń wá ìwákúwá, á rí ìríkúrí.. As simple as C.C.C.!

He can celebrate his trophy of commendation for the next few days, I can assure all, his efforts won’t take one single soul out of the church. In fact, let him go there again, he will meet more people. The church is marching on!

Finally, I have seen several of such reports about fake prophecies and going by the antecedents of many that have bad mouthed the church in some decades past, don’t be shocked when you one day see this journalist wear the white garment, just greet him very well and say- Halleluyah!!!

Bola Ilori
Special Adviser to the Minister of Interior is a proud member of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

Sup Evang Bola Ilori with President Buhari.

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