Come to my aid, met a stranger in my home pregnant 


Come to my aid, met a stranger in my home pregnant 


Discussion Time: Advice For A Woman Jilted By Fiancee



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A lady just returned from yankee to meet and settle down finally with her man. She got to the airport earlier than the time stipulated for her arrival. On getting home, she met another woman with her pictures and that of her man displayed in every corner of the house she built with her hard earned money for her man who resdes in Nigeria.

The most shocking part of this drama it is that the lady in question is pregnant and the way and manner she welcome her is most appalling. She welcome the the supposed wife with all enthusiasm saying, ”

 Awww…. my in law, you are very much welcome ma. My husband and I have been expecting you, in fact, he is just about tidying up to come to the airport to pick you. Honey, your big aunty is here.”

If you are such a woman, what will you do? Also, if you are such a husband how would you handle this situation?

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