B/Haram terrorists reveals their problem with FG

B/Haram terrorists reveals their problem with FG, Declares Nigeria Islamic state of West Africa

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Eventually, the Boko Haram terrorists ravaging the entire country have revealed the problems they purportedly have with Nigeria government.

The terrorists in a recent viral video, unveiling abducted train passengers, made a shocking revelation in vernacular that its problem is not about money but about the government of Nigeria.

Although the contentious statement was seen as a share blackmail, and therefore trivialized and swept under the carpet by people in position of authority.

The bandits, according to a high profile Nigerian recently released from captivity, said their problem with the government was the refusal to declare Nigeria an Islamic state of West Africa.

According to the victim source who spoke in anonymity, the Boko
Haram bandits explained that there was an understanding between them and the government to declare Nigeria an Islamic state of West Africa, but was breached.

The victim further explained that, the bandits threatened that if government complied with the agreement, terrorism would end in a day, and if not, the terror attacks would continue unabated until government is forced to do so.

According to the victim, it took him several hours to convince the bandits to revealed the problem to him, adding that he pleaded in Vernacular, and even cultivated their friendship in before they opened up.

The story is not only making round in top secret in some parts of Kaduna state, it’s also trending as the insurgence activities intensity posses serious threat to the success of 2023 elections.

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