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    Are Some Bitter Truths About Life? Part 1

On people:
The people who are always truthful and honest are the ones who get hurt the most.
People take you for granted, if you show how much you love them or care for them.

On Time:
They say time heals, but does broken hearts ever really heal? They say it flies and heals all wounds, we always try to save it, make it and mend it, but the truth is there’s never enough of it.Time is no one’s friend, make haste while the sun shine.
Time seems to rules all aspects of our lives and has been an endless fascination to humans throughout the centuries

On love:
Love isn’t enough to make a relationship last, whether it be between couple or friends.
Sometimes, you have to walk away pretending you don’t care to save yourself from a heartbreak. E shock you!

Love is 50-50, win or lose (there is no guarantee)When someone tells you something like “I will love you forever” They may mean it at the time and they may be very serious but just as much as you can’t tell what will happen in the next instant, no one knows tomorrow.
A lot of people have made promises that they couldn’t keep in the heat of the moment and these promises only make a break up a lot more painful than they should have been. You may have made up your mind to love someone at a particular point in time, but times change, things change and people change. You cannot make predictions with love, It is a game that has no sure odds.
You can’t always get what you want

Just like you don’t fall in love with everybody, do not make the mistake of thinking you can make anyone you want fall in love with you. You may be by far the most handsome, the most attractive gal in a room but that doesn’t mean that “Mr/Miss Right for you” sees you that way. The both of you may not just have good chemistry or she may simply not just be into you. Looks and personality will place you very high on the scoreboard but it does not guarantee the highest spot when it comes to love!


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